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Welcome to the exciting world of the "Hypo-Allergenic" Siberian breed of Russian cats

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Crystal Siberians of Mankato, Minnesota, Presents:
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Our Sires:


Gay-Uliy DAURIA - Our Mackerel Stud- RIP June 2018

DOB 02/25/06-6/28/18

Dauria Gay-Uliy, was imported directly from Moscow, Russia.
He is a Black Mackerel Tabby, His parents are from the oldest catteries in Russia, Ashtau Siberiada from 4 generations of World Champion bloodlines.
Sire: WCh. Miron Rusich, Cream Silver Mac Tabby
Dam: Ch. Kleopatra Dauria, Black Silver Tortie Mac


Rossity Urasha -Black Classic Stud-SOLD

DOB 04/04/2006

Brown Classic Tabby
Sire: Ch.Lancelot Onix Gloria, Golden Classic Tabby
Dam: Gr.Int.Ch Rossity Gutineya, Brown Sp.Tabby
Direct from Moscow


Our New Studs-Replacing their Fathers-Fall of 2015

Maxamilliun of Crystal SIberians

DOB 07/02/14

Black Solid

Sire: Rossity Urasha of Crystal Siberians

Dam: Ivory of Crystal Siberians
Czar of Crystal Siberians


DOB: 05/29/14

Black Mackerel Tabby

Sire: Gay Uily Dauria of Crystal Siberians

Dam: Zvzeda Valenvic of Crystal Siberians








Makari of Lake Siberians-Our New Stud

Red Point   DOB:4/25/20

SIRE: Ogonek Formula Uspekha/WC

DAM: LakeSiberians Masha Rostova TA


Leo-Silver Tarnished Classic-Retired


Sire:Crystal Siberian Czar

Dam:Crystal Siberians Starlight


Our Queens:

Contessa II-Black Smoke Queen

DOB 10-23-20

Sire: Max. Dam:Misha

Kapeka- Black Solid Queen

DOB 10/23/20   Dam: Zena, Sire: Czar

Czarina- Black Classic Queen-SOLD
Sire:Czar.   Dam: Zena
Revekka- Black Silver Mackerel Queen-SOLD
Sire: Crystal Siberians Max
Dam: Kira of Crystal Siberians 
Zariyah- Seal Point Queen
DOB 5-29-20
Sire: Czar. Dam: Nikita
Katiya-Black Classic Queen
DOB 3-19-20
Sire: Czar. Dam: Starlight

Natasha of Crystal Siberians-Queen   DOB 10/15/16 Retired

Sire: Czar, Black Mackerel of Crystal Siberians       Dam:Kseniya, Black Mackerel of Crystal Siberians


TRIXI of Crystal Siberians-Black Classic Queen-SOLD


DOB 2-15-18

Dam-Kseniya of Crystal Siberians

Sire: Czar of Crystal Siberians

Nikita, Blue Smoke Queen of Crystal Siberians-SOLD


DOB 4-28-18

Sire: Max of Crystal Siberians

Queen: Madison of Crystal Siberians


Sedona, Black Mackerel Queen- Crystal Siberians-SOLD


Sire: Czar of Crystal Siberians

Dam: Tatiana of Crystal Siberians

Sierra-Black Silver Classic Queen- RIP 3/20

DOB 3/17/19

Dam:Crystal Siberians Starlight

Sire: Crystal Siberians Czar

Madison of 4 Legged Divas-Black Smoke Queen-Retrired-SOLD




ZENA-Warrior Princess of Crystal Siberians-Queen-Retired


Black Smoke

Sire: Urasha of Crystal Siberians

Dam: Madison of Crystal Siberians


Misha-Black Smoke Queen-SOLD

DOB 11/6/18

Sire Crystal Siberians Czar

Dam: Madison of Crystal Siberians


Vishenka: Silver Tarnished Classic  Queen-Retired-SOLD

DOB 11/24/16

Sire:Czar-Black Mackerel Tabby of Crystal Siberians   Dam: Starlight, Silver Tarnished Classic of Crystal Siberians


Zinaida-Blue W/White Tabby Queen

Retired 2018

DOB: 08/11/13
Dam:Crystal Siberian's Ivory~Seal Point Queen
Sire:Rossity Urasha of Crystal Siberians-Black Classic

Siberikatz Izzabella - Black/Silver Classic Queen-Retired 2016
DOB: 04/21/2013
Sire: Chariot Zhofrey of Tunies Siberians
Dam: Siberkatz Dinah
Kseniya- Black Mackerel Queen-Retired
DOB: 08/12/13
Dam:Crystal Siberians Goldie-Black Mackerel Queen
Sire:Rossity Urasha of Crystal Siberians-Black Classic
Tatiana Inna-Golden Black Classic Queen-Retired-SOLD
DOB: 09/18/13
Dam:Fialka's Izhitsa- Golden Black Classic Queen
Sire:Rossity Urasha of Crystal Siberians-Black Classic
Pepper: Black Solid Queen   DOB 12/16/15-Retired 
Sire: Max-Black Solid of Crystal SIberians,   Dam:Madison -Black Smoke of Crystal Siberians
Starlight-Silver/Black Classic Queen
Retired-3/2020-SOLD   DOB 9/9/15
Sire:  Urasha-Brown Classic Tabby /   Dam:  Izzabella-SIlver/Black Classic
SUMI of Crystal Siberians-  Black Smoke Queen-Retired
Sire: Daria Gay Uily of Crystal Siberians
Dam:4 legged Diva, Madison of Crystal Siberians
Sonata-Silver Tarnished Queen-Retired-SOLD
Dam: Sumi of Crystal Siberians-Black Smoke Queen
Sire: Leo of Crystal Siberians-Silver Tarnished Classic
Kira of Crystal Siberians-Black Silver Mackerel
Dam: Sonata of Crystal SIberians
Sire: Ogonik Formula Uspekha Rus
Berta Valenvic -Our Silver Tarnished Queen-Retired-SOLD


Valenvic Berta, is a Silver Black mackerel tabby from Moscow, Russia, also from 4 generations of ICh, WCh, and GIChampions.
Sire: WCh Dunaj Laskovyj Zver, Silver Spotted
Dam: Ch Chocoladka Valenvic, Black Mac

Valenvic's Zvezda-Black Tortie Retired Queen-SOLD


Dam:CH Charovnitza -Valenvic, a Black Smoke 
Sire:WChampion Zoriy de la Murr*Russ, a Red Mackerel
Direct from Moscow.

Rossity Sharlotta -Golden Queen-Retired-SOLD

DOB 01/04/2006

Black Mackerel Tabby
Sire: Int.Ch.WCF&Ch.CFF Odissey Onix Gloria of Rossity,Silver Mack.Tabby.
Dam: Ch.WCF.Rossity Dunyasha, Brown Sp.Tabby
Direct from Moscow

Retired Queen-Morrocco-1.5 yrs old-Sold

DOB 03/20/2012
Sire:Rossity Urasha of Crystal Siberians-Black Classic
Dam: Ivory of Crystal Siberians-Seal Point 



Crystal Siberians Lilac -Blue Solid Queen-RETIRED & SOLD      LillyBelle-Silver Tarnished Classic-Retired and SOLD

DOB May 3/09/11

Sire: Rossity Urasha of Crystal Siberians-Black Classic

Dam: Ivory of Crystal Siberians-Seal Point


OKSANA-Black Mackerel Queen


Sire:Max    Dam:Starlight




DOB  8-29-22

Dam: Katya

Sire: Makari

DARIA-Black Mackerel Queen


Sira: Max

Dam: Raisa


MAUI MARSHMELLOW-Black Seal Point Queen

DOB: 9-7-22

Dam: Nikita

Sire: Czar


Anastasian II-Black mackerel Queen

DOB 10/08/2022

Sire: Maximillium

Dam: Raisa