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Welcome to the exciting world of the "Hypo-Allergenic" Siberian breed of Russian cats

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What Makes the Siberian Cats so Special?

Appearance:  Siberians are one of the most handsome breeds of cat with rounded features, sweet faced with a compact body consisting of strong back legs and big feet that have tufts of fur that wrap their paws in warmth.  Delicate wisps of fur in their ears with fur points at the top and a huge ruff that makes them look very regal, complete with a beautiful long full tail.

Easy Care:Less shedding, due to a triple coat of fur, they "molt' in the spring and then little or no shedding the rest of the year. The triple coat of fur also makes them look bigger than they actually are, and provides the perfect defense against the winter chill.  Wrapped in a mid-length coat of fur that consists of a soft under coat, a top coat that is less dense but waterproof and long guide hairs that keep the coat almost maintenance free. 

Hypo-Allergenic:  Siberians have little or no Fel-D-1 protein that most allergic people have reactions to.  This protein is secreted through the saliva glands and when the cat grooms itself, this protein dries and is spread as dander.  This breed is the answer to many allergy prone cat lovers the world over who can now own a cat!

Attitude:  Siberians demonstrate "dog like" behavior and are highly trainable.  They will come when called they love learning tricks, play fetch and will greet you at the door.  They are usually unafraid of strangers and are very loyal and loving.  Siberians are good-natured, intelligent animals.

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We have Black Smoke, Silver Tarnished,Blue, Solids, Mackerels, & Classics!  We have Championship pedigrees, sweet tempered, healthy kittens right here in the Midwest.  Compare our Championship lines, Our kittens are true to the Siberian Breed Standards. 
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