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Welcome to the exciting world of the "Hypo-Allergenic" Siberian breed of Russian cats

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Kittens: Now taking apps for 2019 Fall & Winter kittens.
at Crystal Siberians, here in Mankato, Minnesota!

We require a $200 non-refundable Wait list Fee.        

Fur Sample Testing only with deposit, If you are

Allergic, I refund this fee.

Checks are preferred. $175 of this amount will go toward

your purchase. $25 goes to register your kitten with

TICA. A $350 non-refundable Deposit is due upon

selection of kitten in a litter.

When you buy 2 kittens together, you get $50 off each

kitten price.

As of January 2020 kitten prices are:

$1,300 pet quality-(Black Brown Tabbys & Blue w/white) 

Rare Colored Kittens: $1,500 (Black/Silver/Blue Smoke,

Seal Point, & Silver Tarnished) 

$1,800 for Show Quality. Pick of the Litter.

Kitten price includes first health exam, vaccinations,

pedigree,   de-worming and health guarantee.

I try to breed based on demand, Most of my kittens

are reserved before they are born.

If no demand, I do not breed. So patience is usually

required to get a kitten, at most a 4 month wait.   

Sometimes, specific color or sex is requested and the

kittens born do not match these requirements, 

SO  I sometimes have kittens available with little or

no wait. 

Before buying a kitten, please make sure you read my

FAQ page. 






Kittens leave 9 weeks after birth.


2019 Breeding Plans

Natasha & Max   Jan 2019-March 2019 Pickup

Starlight & Czar Mar 2019-May 2019 Pickups
Sonata & Max May 2019-July 2019 Pickups
Anastsia & Ogonek May 2019-July 2019 Pickups

Madison & Czar  May 2019-July 2019 Pickups

Zena & Czar   May 2019-July 2019 Pickups
Natasha & Max   July 2019-Sept 2019 Pickup
Trixi & Max  July 2019- Sept 2019 Pickups

Raisa & Max Aug 2019-Oct 2019 Pickups

Nikita & Czar  Sept 2019-Nov 2019 Pickups
Sedona & Max  Sept 2019-Nov 2019 Pickups
Vishenka & Max Oct 2019-Dec 2019 Pickups
Kira & Max      Oct 2019-Dec 2019 Pickups
Sonata & Max Oct 2019-Dec 2019 Pickups
Zena & Czar   Oct 2019-Dec 2019 Pickups
Misha & Max    Jan 2020-Mar 2020  Pickups


2020 Crystal Siberian Kittens range from  $1300 to $1600

depending on color, (Black/Blue Smoke, Seal Point &

Silver Tarnished are rare) $1500-

and show quality are $1800.

Most of the time you get a show quality animal,

at a pet quality price.

Perhaps you can find a breeder who sells

their kittens for $50.00 to $100.00 less, BUT you can

NOT find a Siberian Cat breeder with the same quality

champion bloodlines who gives their Siberian kittens as

much care, love & attention as we give ours.

I hand deliver each kitten, our kittens receive human

interaction daily from birth.

They are exposed to our friends, family & grand-children

given constant love and attention.  They are litter trained

by their mothers at 4 weeks of age. They are fed only

top quality foods, along with clean water. Our bloodlines

have no record of any health or genetic problems at all.

Our lines are as genetically diverse as humanly possible.

We invest approximately $3000-$4000.00 in each of

our breed stock. Our cats not only conform to, but

exemplify the Siberian Cat Breed Standard, and we

continue to strengthen our lines while stressing strong 

genetic diversity and breeding for geno type (healthy

genetic traits), not just phenotype (physical traits like

color) like most other breeders.



See Our Photo Gallery Below

"Sedona-Blk Mac Queen"